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Discover why you are not getting pregnant,failing fertility treatments or experiencing pregnancy loss

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Meet Dr. Vidali

With an Integrative approach to medicine that spans from nutritional supplementation, alternative medicine to cutting edge surgery, Dr. Vidali will guide you in a low-stress environment.

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Age And Fertility

It’s regarded as rude to ask a lady her age. But in the field of fertility, it will be the first question you’re asked. But your odds are usually better than you think.

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Freeze your eggs

Should you freeze your eggs? Find out about your options from one of the pioneers in egg cryopreservation.

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Egg Donation in New York

The day you will deliver your baby conceived through egg donation, all you will feel will be an explosion of love. Let us help you make the right choices in this difficult process..

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Miscarriage Prevention

Many miscarriages can be prevented thorough immunological evaluation and cutting edge treatments such as Lovenox, Intalipids, IVIG and Neupogen.

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